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Birthdate:Sep 21
Location:United States of America
*Both typist and muse are over 21*

life is not about how many breaths we's about how many things take our breath away. May I find something every day to take my breath away...

I've been called a monster-baiter and trouble maker, a thrill seeker and an adrenaline junky.. and a couple other things painslut I won't go into here.. And yes, I really do like to play with monsters. The bigger, the badder, the better.

I'm the mother of a wonderful, fantastic 10 year old son [info]little__riddle named Tom. And don't get on me about childhood pregnancies, and being too young or immature, ok? Relax, he's adopted.

I can heal my own injuries really good if I'm conscious. And it takes a lot to kill me, a whole lot. I can come back from just about anything, which is a blessing considering some of the shit I've gotten into. A lot of that is courtesy of my mom, [info]veryverysorry the Goddess of Love and Mischief. And fangirls. Seriously.

Other than that? Eh, not so much. I've been a terrorist-cheerleader and gotten my house blown up for it, and I've been a lynx, courtesy of a Greek God's blessing. I've partnered with my 'brother'[info]derek_bliss in killing vamps, and I've partied with a certain white-skinned Czarnian bounty hunter. Participated in a Fangirl Uprising, and danced with a Dragon. Made love to a pirate, a madman, prince, and even loved a [info]_vampiregod_. My life? Yea, not bad so far.

((IC Information))
Height: 5 ft 4 in
Weight: 118 lbs.
Hair Color: Purple, blue and black. Yep, it's dyed. The red got really boring.
Eye Color" Blue, actually kind of a darkish blue.
Identifying marks: Ears pierced, nipples pierced

((Considered ooc information unless you ask the character))
Motor Vehicle: I ride a 1967 Triumph Bonneville chopper, blue and chrome, with extended front forks. I used to own a Plymouth Satellite too, but it got blown up when Captain America blew up my house. Back when I was doing that terrorist/cheerleader thing.

Vocation: Co-CEO for Scorpion Women Productions; ***********

I'm innocent, I swear it. Didn't do it, wasn't there, didn't say it and I don't know your nephews. (Bwahahaahahahaha!)

this is an entirely oc character, created for the sole purpose of rp'ing. Also know that this lj is considered NC-17 or beyond; although adult situations will be placed behind a cut and appropriately titled.

Interests (33):

adrenaline rush, books, cocoa puffs, dancing, dark dangerous men, dark dangerous women, endorphine rushes, gardening, greek gods, guitar solo's, guys with long hair, heavy metal, hiking, kill it with fire!, lightning storms, long black hair, lycans, messing with kadaj, mt dew, norse gods, pard, piercings, pirates not ninjas, polyamory, red eyes, rock and roll, roses, sunrises, swimming naked, tattoos, tri-colored eyes, triumph motorcycles, vampires
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